I’m Will Muckian, a Drake University student majoring in News Journalism with a minor in Political Science. While those are my primary areas of learning, my passion lies in music and sports journalism. Reporting is my job, but writing in all its forms is a release and a recreational activity for me. Thanks to my work with Holyfield Sports, I’ve been able to expand my skills as an editor, administrator, and even expanded my portfolio as a graphic designer. I’ve worked with a variety of personality styles during my two-year tenure as editor and had to manage some heady personalities with strong success.


I started journalistic writing in 2012, doing assistant editor duty for my high school newspaper. I was then the sports editor for two years, sourcing stories and learning how to use InDesign to create a desirable product. Once I got to Drake, I began to hone the marketable skills of journalism, like covering police reports and town hall meetings, pitching stories, and structuring stories for the most impact. I was finally writing about things I didn’t find interesting, which was a different sort of struggle. I realized that my end product is significantly better when I engage myself with the material.

Now, with bylines at my college newspaper and magazine, along with the hefty work I’ve done for Holyfield, I know what I’m looking for as I prepare for a job in my field. I am at my best when I’m creating content about sports (specifically basketball) but I know that I’ll pour myself into any subject if I open myself up to it. My experience outside of journalism-style writing has also molded me into a more versatile creator. Poetry, Public Relations, and English Lit classes have allowed me to broaden my horizons as a writer and communicator.

When not writing, my activities include running, soccer, or keeping up with the latest soccer and basketball news. I am an active and passionate fan of AFC Bournemouth, the Chicago Bulls, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Michigan Wolverines, and Kanye West. I spend the rest of my leisure time browsing Twitter and Reddit, planning future projects, and keeping up with world news. I live in the Chicagoland area with no current plans to leave that area. I enjoy most flavors of ice cream, no flavors of bacon, and all flavors of chocolate.

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