Contact Information

E-Mail: |

I generally use my email for business contacts or for setting up interviews. Reach out to me via email for the most reliable and professional response. I cannot promise the same reliability or professionalism on my other media/connection tools. My Outlook address is my primary address—I have had it for longer and generally use it. My Holyfield address is new, and I will be using it for interviews as long as I am working at Holyfield.

LinkedIn: Will Muckian

I value my LinkedIn for its ability to function as a live version of my resume.

Twitter: @WMuckian

I am most frequently active on Twitter, but my Twitter walks a line between entertainment and writing-related issues. I will use it occasionally to reach out to other writers, schedule interviews, or obtain information; however, my foremost priority on Twitter is communication with peers and entertainment. My tweets may be mildly NSFW or not suited for the workplace due to political or religious nature.

Instagram: @wmuckian

Instagram is almost entirely for communication with friends. I do not use it for any sort of business encounters.