My 2017 Picks of the Year


  • Tracksmith Cannonball Run Shorts
    • It’s not often that you can get away with wearing running shorts as an actual fashion statement, but the Cannonball shorts are both extraordinarily comfortable and visually impressive.


  • Bai Cocofusions
    • The gripe I had with the initial run of Bai was that the flavor was almost harsh; its ceiling was basically a low-calorie mixer. The Cocofusions softens the edge on those flavors, turning it into something enjoyable and healthy. It’s somehow delicious and nearly free of sugar or flavor additives, which is a rare thing indeed.


  • Turn Out the Lights – Julien Baker
    • Baker’s most recent work may have dropped in 2017, but it likely sticks in my top-five rotation through most of 2018. Turn Out the Lights is a non-stop journey through self-doubt, sadness, and frustration that never fails to catch you in the throat.


  • Scary Pockets (@scarypockets on Instagram)
    • Follow this funk group, which changes their singer for every song, as they cover a variety of popular tunes in totally new and inventive ways. Not only will you get to hear your favorite songs redone, but the constant revolving door at vocalist will expose you to a lot of scarcely-known talents on the web.


  • The Shape of Water – Guillermo del Toro
    • Hard to get through any discussion of the Oscars without mentioning The Shape of Water, but if you can get past the whole woman-being-sexually-attracted-to-a-fish thing, then you’ll be treated to a world of beautiful colors and music. Guillermo del Toro has built a gorgeous world in this Cold War romance and it’s waiting to be enjoyed.

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